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How to Use Listly for Leads, Traffic and SEO

15th February 2013

This is a little trial I do but it turned out that the results are promising: Using Listly as part of your Inbound Marketing campaign. Starting to use it on January 2013, I’ve found the outcome to be very interesting. Read on…

Listly is basically a site offering you the ability to build a list of everything – i.e. Top 10 online business ideas… top 20 apps for business… and so on.

Now, we know how lists are – yes, they tend to go viral. For whatever reason, if you publish something with a list on it, you’ll get more people coming to your page. This is probably the reason Listly was founded.

But this blog post is not going to talk about why Listly is established. I want share with you the possibilities Listly can offer you.

First things first – let’s see how it works…

How to use Listly?

You can sign up with Listly for free. Once you sign into your account, you can start building your lists right away. There is no limit on how many lists you can build – you can build as many as you want!

Building a list is simple – just add Title and description of your list, and you can add items to your list with or without links – your choice.

You can further customize the appearance of your list by adding a header image in the “More Mojo” section. You should also add tags to your list for better SEO.

And the last but not least, I strongly recommend you to add the “credit” section, linking to the source of the list – of course, you MUST fill in your URL here! Want some reasons on this? Read on…

Once you have your list published, you can share it to your social network or embed it on your website – via WordPress shortcode, Javascript embed code or non-Javascript embed code.

Interesting discoveries!

I initially using Listly for one of my blog’s purpose. I use Listly to list relevant resources to the blog post I wrote on that blog.

So, what I did is build a list and embed it onto my blog post. I add URL in the “Credit” sub-section inside the “More Mojo” section. The list items I have are all links to useful resources.

After 1.5 months using Listly’s lists for 6 of my pages, I started seeing something interesting…

I get incoming traffic

The lists are getting traffic – partly from the blog post pages I embed the list on, and the rest is from Listly. And you know what, my links are getting trickles of incoming traffic from Listly! So yes, your link in the credit section works in making the traffic exchange works.

I get backlinks

SEO-wise, Listly also helps you build your backlink profile: I thought the link has no value, but I guess I was wrong! Remember the link in the credit section I mentioned above? Yes, that’s counted as a back link, and it carries some weight for your page (it has no nofollow tag!) I confirmed this by viewing the links from my Google Webmaster Tools dashboard.

I get networking opportunities with A-listers

And this is probably the best results I can get from Listly: As I list websites and web pages in my lists, I get some contacts from the organizations whose pages I add into my list.

3 business experts contact me not long after I published my list of top small business blogs. They mainly say thanks, but the contact means opportunities in the future.

From my list of cloud conferences, I land a contact from someone from one of the conferences I list, proposing me to feature my site on the conference site – this is an honor for me and it will definitely raise my site’s profile.


Of course, this is just a beginning! My next step would be finding ways to get my lists shown on the front page of Listly… this should drive great amount of traffic!

As you can see, it’s proven from time to time again that in Inbound Marketing, sharing is caring 🙂 I suggest you to start building your list and mention the resources relevant to your needs.

I recommend you to try Listly – and if you want some inspirations, check out my lists here

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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