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I offer services to help you make money online, build your website and grow your web properties. My services include business blogging, blog management, blog marketing, blog building, social media marketing and startup marketing campaign.

Before we go deeper in details, check out what my clients have got to say about my services:


Working with Ivan was a great experience. He always responded quickly to any inquiries I had and had fresh ideas and suggestions.  The turnaround of the blog post was really fast, and he was flexible in terms of the date of the post. All in all, I would highly recommend working with Ivan because of his excellent communication and time management skills.

Elizabeth Povarova – Online Community Manager, Zazzle Inc.

I have used and will continue to use these services, a MUST for engaging with readers. Thanks to Ivan’s excellent writing and research skills, articles are captivating and engaging.

Ben Delarco – Business Development Manager, ICO SERVICES

I have been collaborating with heaps of SEO-specialists, but no one of them offers the delivery performance and tangible results that Ivan provides. He is one of rare individuals you can rely on. I’m rapt!

Elena Haidukova – Online Marketing Manager

The following is the details of my services:

1. Blog post writing

I’ve been doing business blogging since 2006 for my own blogs and clients.

I understand that what attract people to read a blog post is the value they are getting by spending time reading it.  This can be achieved via storytelling: I will guide readers by hand through the message you want me to convey, in such a way that your brand has a lasting impression in their mind.

2. Blog management and marketing

Blog management is what I do on a daily basis: I run and manage dozens of blogs that I own, as well as clients’.

Here’s the holistic service I offer you:

  • I will write blog posts on your blog on a regular basis, and properly use meta tags for giving the best presentation for the blog posts in search engine index.
  • I will respond to comments and engage your readers.
  • I will also promote the published posts on my social media channels.
  • And yes, if your blog runs on WordPress self-hosted, I will also take care of the backend system of your blog: I will keep your plugins updated, and will inform, as well as offering you suggestions when your blog is experiencing technical issues.

3. Blog building

Do you need a blog set-up from scratch, or add a blog to your existing website? I can help you with that: I am a WordPress user for years, and I have built hundreds of WordPress-powered blogs and websites.  In my opinion, WordPress is the best platform to build a blog (I’ve tried many: Joomla!, Drupal, Movable Type, etc. – WordPress is the most user-friendly and customisable of all.)

In the building process, I will suggest you the right WordPress templates according to your need, install the best one for you, add essential WordPress plugins, and add your pre-written content (if any.)

4. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the “secret” to generating traffic, as well as building your blog’s brand.  Without social media, your blog will have a hard time in attracting readers, competing with other blogs in a noisy world of Internet.

If you need your brand or a particular page of your website a boost on social media, I can help you with that: I own dozens of social media channels, as well as an access to several influencer networks, whose members will help me promoting your page.

5. Startup website launch marketing

“Just build it and they will come” is not relevant today. It’s easy to own a brand new, fancy website with quality starter content that don’t attract visitors.  You don’t want your assets wasted, and the only way to get started is through an online marketing campaigns.

I have launched numerous blogs and websites for years, and I have learned that getting the words out early on make a huge difference.  With that said, in starting up a website, I recommend you to start with launching videos/slides/infographics, publishing press releases, raising awareness on social media, and taking care of the initial SEO of your website.  I can help you with those.

If you are interested in any of the above, or having something else in your mind, please kindly contact me using the following form:

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