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  1. To educate the general public on how to establish and manage a successful online business.
  2. To show the general public that it is possible to start a virtual business and run it anywhere you are, anytime you want.

Okay – enough of the corporate-y statements. I apologise for the too-formal introduction in the about page, but it’s important to do it, as those two mission statements define (re-define, to be exact) and it’s purpose in today’s noisy Internet world.

So, to set myself – and – apart from the (boring) rest, let me introduce myself semi-formally: Hey, guys – my name is Ivan Widjaya. I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, running my online business anytime, anywhere I want.  Hands-on, I am a website builder, business blogger and I do an occasional buying-and-selling websites. is my official blog for sharing what I learn throughout my journey, so that I can benefit you professionally and personally.

Let’s begin with an intro to, shall we?

What is is a blog that updates you with what I’m thinking about online entrepreneurship and make money online.  Aside of that, I will also cover anything I know (or just find out) on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and everything else about online business and online money making – the bandwagon many people are trying to enter with only a small number of survivors. is for those that are willing to pursue online riches through hard work and persistence – even the self-proclaimed beach bum online millionaires do the hard work to enjoy what they have right now. So – no easy way to riches, but it’s definitely possible.

It sounds cliche, but if I can do it, you can do it, too!

Things you can find in

You can read my exploration in web business ownership/investing and make money online, as well as updates and opinions on the most recent development in the web investing and make money online business world.

I also share a bit about my portfolio, so you can watch and learn in real-time what I’m working on and investing in, my success and my failures, and probably I can entice you to acquire one or two of my web properties (nice plug, eh?)

Online business

Not only sharing you what I know, I will also answer questions you may have in the form of a blog post, so everybody can learn, too.  If you need more help, I can offer you my services, such as social media marketing services, blog post writing,  and so on – virtually everything, online! Just give a shout and I’ll let you know what I can offer and deliver for you.

Who (or what) is “Asep Onde”?

Asep Onde is a fictional name.  It’s obviously not my name, and the only reason why I use, not as my official blog name is due to the intriguing and quirkiness nature of the name.

If you are curious, ‘Asep’ is a traditional name in the country I live, Indonesia, in West Java regions; ‘onde’ is a famous traditional snack, also from my country. Combining both sounds catchy – and brandable, don’t you think?

So, I guess it’s time to introduce the real me.

Who is Ivan Widjaya?

I am the Founder of online marketing agency, Previso Media.  I am also the founder of several online magazines on business niches –,, and several others.   Not only online magazines, I am also the founder of, a travel site.


I never won any awards/acknowledgements personally, but my is an award winning business/entrepreneurship blog: Forbes’ Top 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs 2013 and Inc.’s Top 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs 2014.

I am a self-taught online entrepreneur – or lifestyle entrepreneur, if you will.

Online entrepreneurial gig: I build websites and generate income from them offering value to visitors.

Lifestyle entrepreneurial gig: I craft my business around my life, not the other way around – I work at home by choice and personal circumstances; If I want to, I can just go to any places I want, bringing my virtual business with me.

I am basically your typical entrepreneur next door. What makes me not typical is that because I challenge myself to enter the online business world with bare essentials – basic marketing and webmaster skills, and I had no idea about link building or SEO.

I believe that hard work and persistence help you achieve many things in your life. I enter the make money online arena with zero knowledge, and today, although I can’t see myself being rich from online money, I live a decent life with my family – 100% income from online business.

If I can make money online, I firmly believe that you can, too. Just have the right mindset, an open mind, and time to spare to learn how to earn online (and possibly build a web business empire.)

So, I guess that’s it for now – enjoy your visit in this blog… hopefully, you find my blog posts useful and add something to your make money online and web investing endeavours.

Hire me!


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Thanks for reading this profile 🙂 Happy and prosperous day to you!

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