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Design The Perfect Sales Funnel To Start Making Your First Dollars Online

19th February 2013

What would you say is the best way to make money from your site? 99% of the people who make big money will tell you it’s their email list. When anyone lands on your email list you can very carefully build great relationships with them. It makes it so much easier for people to trust you and they don’t have to think about giving you their money as long as you always deliver. You can send out an email in the morning and have thousands of dollars sitting in your online banking account by dinner time.

The only way you will ever experience this is by designing the perfect system. People need to get onto your list then you need to give them amazing content, but life is never that easy and in this case it’s no exception. To do it right will take practice, but sooner or later you will see great results. I know you probably want to speed up the process and there is a way to do it, but you will have to pay attention to the following tips and implement them as soon as possible.

Start with a freebie

Before you do anything you need something to offer people signing up to your list. That could be a simple eBook that helps them out with something. Make sure you have a great front cover and if you can’t design it yourself you will need to hire someone. The reason for this is because it will attract a lot more people if it looks nice and you will get more of them signing up to your list. It means more money at the end of the day and that is what we all want.

Design your opt-in box

The opt-in box is the place they are going to be putting their email address, so it must look great or nobody will bother. A catchy headline will draw people in and the front cover of the eBook you just wrote should be underneath it. Make sure it stands out by using a different color to the other things on your site. The idea here is to do anything that will attract them and if they don’t even look at it there is no way they can sign up.

Where to place it

The biggest mistake people make is thinking you’re being too pushy when asking someone for their email address. You pay for hosting your site somewhere which means you are in charge. If you’re giving people all this great information for free there is nothing to stop you asking them for their email address in return. Have your opt-in box in the sidebar, but also scatter it around your site in the areas you know everyone will see it.

A double opt-in

Don’t make the mistake of choosing single opt-in because you want more people to sign up. By getting them to double opt-in it means they are definitely telling you they want to be on your list. They have went into their email account and clicked to confirm. When you use single opt-in you get lots of people running around trying to enter their friend’s email address for fun. When you get a certain number of spam complaints your list could be made history.

Building a relationship

Once they are safely on the list it’s time to build a relationship with them. This can be done by sharing amazing information, but also getting a little bit personal and sharing things about yourself. When someone likes you they are much more likely to buy your products. Don’t start offering them products straight away because you need the trust to be there first. After you send the first one out you will see that this is the perfect sales funnel to make great money.

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