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Winning New Online Customers For Your Business Through Piggybacking

8th October 2013

Finding new online customers can be done in a myriad of ways. Typical techniques to attract new clients are many and ways to go about them flood the Internet. But while traditional methods like networking and mailings can accomplish the task, they are not exactly the best strategy that will achieve the best results. Let’s take a look at piggybacking, a unique way to win new online customers without using conventional means.


If you are a start-up company, the quickest path to get your sales climbing is a less-used technique that entails cultivating a host-recipient affiliation with a business that has already established itself in the field you are in and indulges the same market as yours. Advertise yourself in their market using a promotion or a special offer provided as a gift from the more recognized company. More commonly referred to as piggybacking, this approach is likewise an excellent way for any new company to enter the market.

Conducting the piggybacking process

  • Find businesses that cater to your customers’ needs. To get the best results, you have to have an in-depth understanding of your target audience, their gender, income bracket, age range, particular interests, and other relevant details. For instance, if you sell outdoor gear, look for businesses or organizations that are interested in outdoor activities.
  • Once you have identified a few potential hosts, make them an offer, such as a premium product with an excellent perceived value that costs you less but can be heavily discounted or given for free, such as a voucher or a discount coupon that can be redeemed online.
  • Present your pitch to your likely host, emphasizing how the vouchers or discounted coupons, for instance, make wonderful rewards to their loyal patrons without expense to them. Additionally, explain to the potential host how these giveaways can be effective ways to bring back their old customers or bring them new ones. When you have obtained the other company’s agreement, make sure to put it in writing. Then, prepare the necessary materials for the launch.

Getting new customers online with your piggybacking campaign

  • Get the word out. While you are in the process of preparing the materials for the promotion and getting yourself ready for the marketing drive, be sure to put out a press release optimized for your targeted audience. Incorporate important search terms that your specific audience will search for. Be sure to include in the content the link to the promotional page.
  • Publish the release in different channels. Apart from getting the press release published in various press release websites, you should also disseminate it in relevant online communities and forums as well as in online hangouts that your target audience frequents. Likewise, post the release on your website and make the promotion as conspicuous as possible on every pertinent page. Post about it as well on your various social media profiles, providing the link to the promotion page with complete details.
  • Provide a call to action on your marketing page. Anticipate a number of individuals who will follow your link from different avenues. Make sure that you have a strategically designed web page form that allows new visitors to easily sign up.

Through the piggybacking method, the possibility of your business getting to more potential customers is widened. As evidenced, companies have sought the piggybacking method in the objective of acquiring new customers. This is because this technique has been proven to provide benefits and results for the companies that take advantage of the approach to improve their overall customer acquisition goals.

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