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Why Does My Website Keep Getting Penalized By Google Updates?

10th December 2013

Do you find that every single time Google does an update to the search algorithm that your website suffers as a result? Are you frustrated at the fact that you work hard to get your site up those rankings only to find that it plummets overnight due to something that Google has done? If this is indeed the case, then there will be some very specific reasons as to why you are being penalized on a regular basis and finding these reasons is something you need to do in order to stop this yo-yo effect.

First, you know that in some way your website is going against the terms and conditions as set out by Google, but of course you will probably not be aware as to what they are. However, with each update Google will often focus on websites that, at some point, have used underhand tactics known as black-hat, but you may not even know that this is the case with your site.

 Quality Not Quantity

In the past it used to be the case that quantity won over quality, so people were going out and buying packs from various companies whereby they were given thousands of links in the belief that it would boost the ranking of their website. The problem is that Google no longer likes that, so if you are still buying bulk links and your website is being spammed on directories, then you are always going to be penalized.


Next, your website may be losing out because of the keywords and the way they are used on your website. People used to focus on the search engines and making sure that everything was tailor made for them to pick up on keyword
s, so content was poor and there was keyword overload. However, if your site is still like this, then you are going to be penalized every single time there is an update because now it is more a case of quality matters, so if your site has not been updated you are going to suffer as a result.

Finally, you will probably end up being penalized simply because you have not looked at the types of sites or behavior Google are rewarding with their previous updates and making the relevant changes. If they are rewarding sites that are using social media to their advantage, then use social media because if you do not change in accordance with Google, then you are just going to fall foul of more and more regulations and the problem will only grow bigger. In all honesty you should be looking at talking to an SEO expert and getting their advice before things become even harder to turn around.

Those are some of the main reasons as to why your website is constantly being penalized whenever there is a new Google update. When this happens you need to completely change tact and look at talking to a different expert on SEO who can give you a very different perspective of what needs done to your website in order to not only get you to rank highly, but to also be safe and secure from Google themselves whenever they decide they want to change things around again.



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