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What the SEO Rebel can Teach You About Inbound Marketing

16th January 2013

Doing business online can be very, very lonely. When you are trying to do what 80 percent others don’t, you are becoming more lonely that that. I do need someone to walk with me. A traveling friend who is sharing the same path, going to same direction.

Well, in my no off-site SEO journey in 2013, I’ve discovered great resources to help pointing me the right direction. And I just happen to meet one who shares the same vision. She has already miles ahead of me, but she has left a trail for me to follow – so I don’t get lost along the way.

She is the SEO Rebel.

Okay – she is a real person, not a fiction. Her name is Ti Roberts.

I’ve known Ti for her blogging work for some time, but I haven’t got a chance to shout aloud about her contribution to those sharing the same vision.

So, I guess today is the right time to do it.

Who is Ti?

ti robertsTI Roberts runs I know her for her articles shared on, a popular social bookmarking site in small business niche. She is currently one of the BizSugar’s moderator.

Not long ago, she has re-branded her blog, now it’s called “SEO Rebel.” And so far, I think it’s a big success!

As the name implies, the new brand mainly evolve around ways to generate traffic and revenue without relying on search engines. From her case study, she has proven herself that her strategy works.

ZERO to 20,000 visitors in 3 months without Search Engine Optimization

Her latest masterpiece is a case study, reporting how went from zero to almost 20,000 visitors in 3 months time without SEO. Here’s the MUST read blog post:

If the blog post is made into an e-book sold on ClickBank, I would definitely buy it! Fortunately, it’s free for everyone to read – indeed, the best things in life are free 🙂

Why you should read the blog post? It’s simple: She shares how exactly she gets 20,000 visitors without Google and the likes. She practices Inbound Marketing like a pro; and due to the fact that she is not an Inbound Marketing expert with a decade of experience, she gives hope to many who are fed up trying to get traffic from search engines – just like me.

Well, my case is a bit different, though – I fed up because everything I’ve been working on for years was washed away by Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. As I’m not interested in following SEO trends closely and try new things that I don’t know whether it will work next month or not, I’d rather focus on non-search engine traffic.

So, I read Ti’s blog post and I can’t believe how I missed so many details, considering that I am a continuous learner when it comes to online business and making money online.

Here’s a spoiler on what you are going to get reading Ti’s blog post I mentioned above:

So here’s the current traffic sources that I’ve been actively implementing: BizSugar, Blog commenting, Social media (Facebook/Twitter), Guest blogging, Forums (WF/SME), Paid WSO’s (Warrior Forum Special Offers), Ad swaps, Building and leveraging relationships with influencers

As you can see – no magic potions you need to drink or mantra to read. The basics are there all along, but as we focus on SEO too much we forget that there are much, much bigger traffic sources out there other than search engines.

Ti has proven it and I highly recommend you to follow what Ms. Roberts has got to share – don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter!

Photo modified for the purpose of this blog post – the original version’s credit goes to ericmay via photopin cc

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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  • Garratt
    Posted at 7:05 am January 20, 2013

    But here’s the thing, You’ve got over 200 backlinks pointing to your site with very little comments on the blog. I found my way here by following a tweet.

    What do you think SEO is exactly? Mostly when you take away the on-page titles/alt image tags and the Google rich snippets. What are you left with? Backlinks.

    Web2.0 backlinks get picked up very quickly, usually within 24hours and are strong social signals.
    200 backlinks could be a strong PR2 domain you’re building. As it is you’ve already hit PR1… which is better than 60% of blogs out there.

    I realize when we promote our content we don’t think of it as doing SEO work, but that is in essence exactly what we are doing.

  • Ivan Widjaya
    Posted at 11:13 am January 25, 2013
    Ivan Widjaya


    I hear ya, man… here’s the thing: I still do on-site SEO. But I won’t do those off-site SEO tactics anymore (except link baiting, of course!) I’ve done many things, SEO wise in the past… article marketing, directory submission, link wheel creation, PageRank sculpting and such.

    When Penguin updates hit my sites, those are what killing their SE traffic, with the so-called over-optimization.

    And I still can’t understand how Google rank ugly pages with ads everywhere and 2000 words of content that clearly written for search engines HIGHER than pages with uniquely written articles largely based on real experience – and getting backlinks and social media buzz to support that.

    You are right: When we promote our content it’s SEO work in disguise. But I personally don’t think promoting to sites with rel=”nofollow” link-back would be considered as proper SEO.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love backlinks 😀 but I no longer setting up a campaign to acquire them… that’s why I love the concept of Inbound Marketing – focusing on getting found on the web. Getting found on search engines is just a part of the game 🙂

    About this blog: I resurrected it 4 months ago and rebuild it ground up 🙂