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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2013

5th February 2013

If you have not been engaging in social media marketing for your business, it is high time you think about incorporating it in your marketing strategy this year. Social media sites have greatly evolved over the past couple of years. Because of their huge marketing potential, many business owners have started using social media networking. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ are just but a few of the most popular social media platforms.

Most social media sites started out as personal but with time have become powerful online strategies for businesses. To earn mindshare, customers, links and brand exposure, here are top 5 tips to help your social media marketing in 2013.

Make posts more appropriate

When people first began using social sites like Facebook, Twitter posts were mostly about themselves and what they are up to. The sites have grown and changed, posts like “Going to the park with the kids today, having fun” are no longer appropriate. There is need to post more relevant information. Let it be about your readers, your followers and any other user who is looking for helpful information online. Make posts about interesting facts, solutions or inspiration that can be useful and helpful.

Develop social sites for connections not sales

Most people have got the whole concept of social media wrong. These platforms are not to be used to continuously bombard users with sales pitches and adverts. Rather aim at creating connections with your potential customer. Showcase what your business is about, share useful information, respond to questions and comments and help them find solutions.

Utilise features, tools and your analytics

As they grow, social sites are increasing opportunities for businesses by creating more features and tools. Learn to use these additions for your business and followers. Furthermore, since all activities that take place on your accounts is recorded, review your analytics and make good use of this data. Take note of what is working and what is not. Find out who is visiting your site. Are they visiting one social site more than the other? Where are they going on your site? There is so much you can learn from your analytics hence giving you a chance to implement changes accordingly. Utilise analytics to reap benefits for your business.

Do not use many social sites

Spreading yourself too thin over many social sites may not benefit your business in the way you would like to see, rather concentrate your efforts on a few of the good social sites. It is predicted that 2013 will see a huge growth in Slideshare, Google+ and Pinterest.  Slideshare will allow you to share your documents, presentations, videos and PDFs with millions of people. Google+ is important for your business because of the so many services and tools it has there, you can take advantage of these to benefit your business. Moreover, because Google+ is a central part of the major search engine which has been pioneering in technological advancement, who knows what could happen, all we can be sure of is to make sure you are part of it. .  Launched in 2010, Pinterest is said to be the fastest growing site ever. Building a strong social presence on sites that are known to deliver is one thing you should be thinking about this year, the possibilities awaiting you are endless.

Visual Marketing

Marketing is going visual and you need to follow the trend.  Include text and information about your business in relevant graphics to post.  Due to the use of image sharing, Pinterest`s growth has broken records. On Facebook, images are also the most widely used methods of sharing and posting. So when sharing your images, ensure your followers are able to see a link and other information pertinent to your business.

2013 is expected to see Social media marketing reaching new and unmatched heights, follow the trend and do not let your business be left behind. Get involved actively in Social Media, post relevant information and visual items and make connections. Most of all make it about your clients and followers, not about where you are going on holiday this summer! 

About the Author: The author, Tikhome is a passionate traveller. When not on the road exploring, she is busy satisfying her appetite through the social media marketing scene. 

Photo credit: Felix Schmidt Photography via photopin cc

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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  • Harry
    Posted at 10:23 am February 7, 2013

    Ivan – Nice set of tips. I would also recommend that you should actively participate in social media once you do establish presence. Just setting up an account will not provide much value. You can find additional tips on social media in the blog post I wrote earlier –

  • Ivan Widjaya
    Posted at 12:38 am February 22, 2013
    Ivan Widjaya

    Superb tip! We are often too excited to share things with our followers, we end up spamming them!

  • Ivan Widjaya
    Posted at 12:39 am February 22, 2013
    Ivan Widjaya


    I agree – an account doesn’t help you with anything… at all 🙂