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Top 10 Tips To Beat 99 Percent Of The Competition Online By Improving Your Onpage SEO

1st February 2013

If you are advertising your business online, you are surely relying on organic traffic and paid traffic.

Most of the people think that advertising on the internet is identical to a method of advertising like local phone book advertisements, classified advertisements, radio or perhaps TV advertisements for your matter. You simply mention your organization title, items, address and telephone number and wait for the possible customers to walk-through your virtual door.

Of course, internet marketing is certainly not such as the above unless of course you are Wal Mart and also have ad budgets within the $ millions.

Typically speaking, someone will often look for a website searching for the keywords through Google or other search engines. Therefore the process goes something similar to this:

An individual has a particular problem to resolve or they’re researching a specific subject. A good example will be a trouble with acne. Imagine for a moment, you aren’t an acne problem likely to and keying in something like “how you can solve severe facial acne”.

Within the above scenario, they entered an issue to a problem they’ve and they’re searching for specific solutions consequently in the search. They did are not looking for exact website, they are searching for the keywords. Understanding this flow is really a critical online success factor.

What you need to understand noticeably would be that the above scenario relies particularly around a couple of “key phrases” such as “how to lose weight”

Now, to our Seo Guidelines

Well, you need to place yourself in your customer’s place and picture what you will type right into an internet search. That way you will be able to effectively start to picture how you can optimize your website and drive more traffic.

Here are the 10 great tips and approaches to beat most of your online competitors. I am using these exact ten tips to optimize my money making ideas blog.


Put a couple of key phrase relevant sentences towards the top of the revenue page. In case your method is an acne product just place a couple of key sentences towards the top of your page which include the appropriate words of acne and then any supporting key phrases in individual sentences.

H tags

Make your h1, h2, and h3 tags keyword relevant much like point number two above. Really, this is an important part of your on-site SEO. Bring that search phrase in almost any headline formatting tags like “h1”, “h2”, or “h3”.


Title irrelevant pictures a normal title or number. What I’m saying, for those who have an image in your web page, don’t title that picture something similar to “”. Just title the image “” rather. Google may place that image within “Google Images” after your web page will get indexed and when take your pick “” however it is not related to real acne solutions, then people aren’t likely to click it. This might end up lowering your general site relevance within Google. This certainly isn’t what we are attempting to achieve here.


Incorporate your most significant key phrases within the title tag of the web page. This means placing your search phrase among your “title tags” in your pages.

Bold Headline

A bold headline including your search phrase inside it beneath your key sentences above. For that non-techies, utilizing an “HTML tag” as the headline is an excellent method to attract attention of search engine spiders. It is just a visual formatting tag like using “bold” in MS Word.

Avoid Window pop-ups

Avoid using any window pop-ups. It is really an absolute no-no. People hate window pop-ups. Just do not do it – enough stated.

Outgoing links

Include outgoing links together with your key phrases like the anchor-text. This is ideal for Google mix connecting relevance. Don’t hesitate to Google about it in order to find out more if that one is a touch confusing. This is a powerful tactic you need to implement.

“Email us” link in the footer

Always incorporate an “email us” page link to your title, email, telephone number, and home address. Again, good sense, but many individuals don’t do that. Allow clients to make contact with you and also put that link in your footer.

Online Privacy Policy

8. Always incorporate an online privacy policy at the end of the pages. In present day world, which should go without having to say, it carries weight with Google and Google may often treat your site just a little much better than an identical site with no online privacy policy link in plain view.

What Do You Need to Avoid?

Lastly, stay away from words like Iron Clad Guarantee, testimonial, giveaway, etc. In case your page is extremely “salesy” Google can devalue your links. Just offer unique, honest “key-word-wealthy” content in your web page and you’ll be in front of 99% of the competition.

To sum up, I really hope the above mentioned tips enable you to master the “real” way you have to market online using “good keyword research and a proper on-site SEO.

What can you type right into an internet search engine to locate your items?

Answer that question and put individual key phrases smartly throughout profits pages and you’ll absolutely improve your overall degree of success in your internet marketing efforts and can certainly increase sales.

Photo credit: Jolante via photopin cc

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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