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Why Online Business Owners Should Use a Serviced Office Space

16th February 2015

For an online business owner, flexibility and cost-effective operations are uber-important. That is why many online businesses headquartered in a garage or in a room of a house. But as your virtual company grows, you need to seriously consider moving your business out of your private space. If your business is located in the UK, our friends at have serviced office space available in Bracknell that can be rented from as little as one month and business owners can move into the office on the same day that they sign on the dotted line.

Renting office space for a growing online business can be a huge expense. When it comes to renting a traditional office space, most properties will require a fixed term lease of 3-5 years making it impossible to simply pay on a month-by-month basis and then opt out of the contract should business begin to dwindle.

As your business will experience rapid transformation along the way (in 3-5 years period, an online business will experience major transformation, which include the ups and downs that come with it), it’s risky to invest on an office with such length of term lease. You must choose a much better option than traditional office space.

The obvious alternative being serviced office space. These particular types of office spaces are essentially pay-as-you-use spaces, and they usually have plenty of benefits that make them an option that’s worth investing in.

More Flexibility with Short-Term Lease Contracts

Many businesses that choose to invest in serviced office space is solely down to the provision for short-term lease agreements. Allowing for a lot more freedom, serviced office space will allow you the room to breathe should your business go downhill.

You can rent an office space for as little as one month. This is a huge help, as you can consider your options every month, depending on the growth your online business.

Access to a broad range of pay-as-you-go facilities

When it comes to a serviced office space, you’ll never pay for what you don’t need meaning that your hard earned cash will not be spent foolishly. As well as not having to fork out for physical space that you don’t use, services and facilities such as meeting rooms and copiers will be available as and when you need them. For example, if you have an important meeting with a client coming up and are in need of conference room facilities, you can rent one on a per-hour basis.

The opportunity to test new markets

If your online business involves local activities (think Groupon,) split testing is probably the best way of figuring out which marketing method will best suit your business model. Investing in a serviced apartment will enable you to test multiple markets in different locations without the need for having to make a significant long-term investment. What will this mean for your business? It means that if you choose to expand your business but are unsure as to which city to target next, then you could test more than one location with marginal risk, and base your final choice on tangible results and hard facts.

Shared office in a coworking space

photo credit: Alex Ahom / Flickr

Eliminates downtime when moving in

Downtime of any kind can quite notably hinder the flow of a business, and this is especially true when moving to new premises and making a fresh start. This damaging downtime will be completely eliminated if you choose to move your business into a serviced office. Adequately kitted out and ready to go, serviced offices come with operational office equipment that will be ready to use the minute you walk through the door.

So before you go down the road of investing in traditional office space, make sure you weigh up the pros and cons that are involved with such a decision. Given the large overheads that are involved with traditional office space and the benefits of serviced office space that are outlined above, you may find that the decision is actually quite an easy one to make.


In looking for the right serviced office space, you can always go for trusted service provider like Regus. However, local, independent services can offer more benefits, such as friendlier terms of services, including lease terms.

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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