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Make Money Online and Web Investing are Not as Complicated as You Think

27th November 2008

Massive ChangeI always see money as a concept.

Many of you wouldn’t agree with me, but money is only one part of game, and eventually, it is no longer play an important role in make money online game.

But, first thing first. Why on earth I call make money online as a game?

Don’t get me wrong, make money online is as real as make money the conventional way, either 9 to 5 or running your own business.

I call it a game because make money online is competitive but often can be measured both in risk and result.

The game of REAL life

In the conventional, off line business world, there are many, many uncertainties evolving around a business. One of the culprits is the cut-throat competition.

In the online business world, there are a certain amount of competition present, but the Internet is a huge world to explore, so huge that the competition is not as prominent as the off line world.

Online business and web investing is not complicated

The situation of online business and web investing today is not as complicated as you think – there are new “beach bum online millionaires” – those who are becoming rich and achieve freedom in life due to online business – born every day.

Think about the make money online today as the early years of capitalism in Russia and China, where new millionaires and billionaires were born.

The competition is stiff – yes. However, the opportunities are almost everywhere on the Net, even a 9 year old can become a new Internet millionaire (I don’t know a case of this, but I know many young teenagers make money through online method more than their parents make.)

What do those mean to you and I?

Stop your what-ifs – enter make money online game NOW

No urgency. But you’ll regret that you are not entering the make money online and web investing earlier. And there’s no turning back – the online business industries are flourishing, and growing exponentially.

You might say, “I want to make money online – but how?” My answer – the free information and knowledge are out there on the Net – just for you and I to find them, learn from them, and ACT on them.

Type a phrase on a search engine, and learn from the search result. Every make money online authorities started the same way – what’s holding your back?

Grab your slice of the make money online and web investing cake, and enjoy the ride – Today!

Images by websuccessdiva.

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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