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Why Magento Is Preferred For Ecommerce Development?

19th February 2016

Ecommerce development refers to the establishment of an online commercial website that can be utilised to sell goods to the online consumers. The process of development of an ecommerce site begins from the inception of idea related to setting an online business for any product or service. It includes proper analysis of the market, study of online behaviour of the customers, various online charges such as domain and hosting, and others.

There are various platforms that are used currently for ecommerce development, and Magento is one of the most recommended platforms. Most of the developers from around the world prefer Magento over other platform and the credit for dedication of developers towards this software goes to the myriad functionality provided by this software, that too at no cost. Indeed, Magento is an open source platform that requires zero-payment unless you choose enterprise version.

Why Magento?

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Mentioned below are few of the many features of Magento that brought it as the most favoured platform:

  • The first and foremost advantage is that it comes with no price tag and there is little differentiation between enterprise and open-source version of Magento.
  • It is an open source software, and, therefore, users can install it on their own dedicated server, away from prying eyes. This helps in the protection of all the sensitive ecommerce data that generates during every transaction.
  • Another great feature of Magento is its multi-site functionality, where the user can create multiple store from one panel and that too using multiple domains. The user can also define different template for different websites, thus differentiating each one from other.
  • Magento helps in easy import of exceptionally large data of products on spreadsheets with same efficiency as it does for small product lists. This helps the users in manual assessment of the products they have placed on the site for sale.
  • It also facilitates search of products based on various criteria, thus users are not constrained while searching any product as per the requirement.
  • The convenient integration of Google Analytics with the software helps in easy tracking of all the activities of the customers, thus users or the merchants can take better decision in terms of marketing the product online or further customer engagement.
  • It also helps in easy tracking of all the current stocks present on all the sites operating at one Magento install and the stocks that has left the store from single panel.
  • The presence of huge number extensions has made the lives of users easier and instead of working on each features, they can just pull the concerned plugin from the free online store and use those as per their convenience.

The features mentioned above can easily state why Magento is the most preferred ecommerce development software. However, it would be wise to state that Magento is not free from all the defects, for instance, if installed on shared server it can slow down on performance. But those defects are minor and can be easily overcome by effective strategy.

In the end, we would suggest that selection of Magento should be considered if you are preparing for your own ecommerce business.

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