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How to Make Money Online Being an Ethical Online Reviewer

10th April 2013

Are you someone who are full of integrity, critical, ethical and love to share your opinion about something? Well, good for you – because there are some online business ideas that allow you to make money online – by reviewing other websites.

Okay, guys – these online business ideas might not be easy, but it’s certainly rewarding – if you know how to capitalize on your talent. Owning a website is not a requirement, and most of the ideas here are available for you free of charge.

No, I won’t include writing fake reviews on Yelp, Amazon and so on. Instead, these ideas will reward your integrity, as your main selling point is you ethical standpoint about something.

Before I confuse you further, let’s go straight to the core of this blog post: Here is how to make money online as an online reviewer – mainly making use of Fiverr, THE micro-job site, but you can do it on your own sites, freelancing market, and so on.

1. Review website’s reputation

Have you visited, and so on? That’s right – they are online reputation community who rates websites’ reputation to help fellow web surfers enjoy a better, safer web browsing. Websites can display “badges” on their site showing off their online credibility. This has proven to be effective in closing more sales and giving the overall impression of “trusted.”

It’s easy to take part: Join the community and you will be able to rate other websites. However, membership is not always free. Of course, as a member you will be able to place a trust badge on your own site – but there’s one more, “hidden” perk: You can offer your service to review others’ website – and getting paid doing so. How?

Well, you can professionally offer your website review service from your own website, but you can always do so by going to the place where your potential customers gathered – like Fiverr.

For $5, you can offer your review service of reviewing clients’ websites on the online safety/reputation site you joined – such as and You can also join site safety network, such as SiteAdvisor to review whether a site is free from viruses, and so on.

Why would people buy from you? It’s simple – building online reputation is challenging, and your service is one of the answer they are looking for!

Of course, you are required to be ethical! You can’t publish fake review. When a site is bad, then you should refuse reviewing the site.

2. Write reviews on your blog

If you are into blogging, it’s easy to be an online reviewer. Just offer your review service, but I highly recommend you to do so if you have actually use the products/services. Otherwise, you are categorized as scammer/spammer – seriously!

This is lucrative, really – products/services online are highly reliant on reviews and testimonials. That’s why companies often pitch website owners with free exclusive offers – so that you can try their products/services and write what you think about them in your blog.

Again, beware – don’t be swayed and take all offers coming to your way! There are clients who insist of having a positive, “engineered” review from you. Stay away from such clients as, again, your asset is your honesty and integrity.

3. Create video review for clients

You can hire “actors” on Fiverr for this, but you might want to take things a few steps further: Instead of saying what clients want, pitch your prospects with “honest reviews only – I will reject bad products/services with no question asked!”

Please bear in mind – if you want a niche, then offer your service as a non-actor who won’t create scripted video review. As someone with integrity, you will get clients who appreciate your business – and repeat business is almost guaranteed.


Those 3 ideas above are pretty cool, no? There are actually many other opportunities on the web for this, including something similar to book review (you normally receive a book,) gadget review (yes, you will receive a gadget!) app review (you will get free app!) and so on.

What you should be focusing on is your integrity: Review honestly and do let your clients know that you won’t give any fake reviews for their benefits – tell people about this; it’s your main selling point.

Good luck in your making money online endeavour!

Photo credit: Andy Beatty / Flickr

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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