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How to Make $1000/month Online and Quit Your job by the End of 2013

4th January 2013

Want a valid New Year’s resolution? How about starting an online business that allows you to quit your day job this year? Plenty of spoilers inside; I suggest you to read on. No selling, no promoting, just pure sharing – I promise!

You see, the biggest lie that many people tell you (including some expert, unfortunately) is that the impossibility for you to make a living online and quit your day job. I have proven that I am able to make money online and support my family from my online income.

I’m not a guru; I’m not a famous Internet Marketer. I am just an ordinary guy leveraging the web to establish a web business. If I can do it, you can do it to. No more excuses.

I work at home due to some personal considerations, but I can go location independent if I want to – it’s a matter of choice. All I need to get things down is an Internet connection and a decent laptop or tablet PC to support my mobility. Nothing else.

I don’t have an office; I don’t have formal employees; everything is run online – in the cloud: I hire freelancers to do my errands while working on things by myself not because I can’t outsource them, but because I’m passionate about what I’m doing.

I don’t sell stuffs (well, I do sell services – occasionally!) and my number one way to make money online is by helping others achieve what they want.

Making money online full-time – how?

Do you want to know how I do it? There’s no secret formula:

1. My blogs are my business

I build blogs – mostly for myself. Every blog is independent. I treat each as an independent business, and I continuously supply each of them with fresh, unique, quality content that I or others write.

From my blogs, I can get “gigs” – article writing requests, website building/tweak requests, advertising requests, and so on. Yes, my blogs are my “storefronts.” My products? Mainly information and services, sometimes affiliate products.

How to build a quality blog? Well, that’s for another post, but one thing for sure, you need to show expertise and authority – otherwise, you won’t attract plenty of readers.

2. Sponsored posts / paid reviews

I make money online by offering my service to write about a business, service or product and publish it on my blogs. Of course, what I am offering is not link-selling-disguises-as-article-posting. I don’t do link selling – not anymore 🙂 If I like what I see, I will write about it; if I don’t, I just dismiss it.

Not stopping there, I offer services that add value: I promote the posts to give the most bangs for my clients’ buck.

3. Sell advertising space

I typically sell ad spaces on my blogs independently. I also join ad network to sell my ad spaces, such as, Federated Media, Bizo, and so on.

4. Make money via Google AdSense

Most of my websites are making money via AdSense. Why? 2 reasons: Firstly, It’s easy to set up (just add the ad code to your web pages, and you don’t have to worry about finding advertisers to fill the ad slots.) Secondly, the EPC (earning per click) of Google AdSense’s ads is the best in the industry, so far.

5. Website flipping

I don’t do this as intense as a few years back, but I will enter this business again in early 2013. The idea is simple: Build or buy a website, grow (or fix) it, and sell it to your network or on online marketplace, such as Flippa.

My best sale is $3000 for a blog I bought for $250. I’d be lying if I say it’s easy, because it’s not: I fix things up and infuse it with top quality content, in such a way that it gains traffic and credibility, making a decent amount of money without much involvement on my part.

What – that’s all?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but yes – that’s all; those 5 sounds pretty simple and straightforward. But what you’ve just read is just the tip of the iceberg…

Your challenge is on how to build your blog and web sites in such a way that they are getting the right amount and kind of traffic. You also need to build social media presence to support your growth – e.g. you need to have at least Twitter and Facebook business page for each and every of your blog or website.

Spamming visitors and search engines just won’t work. A couple of years ago you might be able to do things not getting caught, but you can no longer do that now: Today, even honest businesses get punished for over-optimization – it’s getting tougher these days, but it’s very rewarding for you who are ethical and hard worker.

Buying Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Google+ pluses, YouTube views, etc. etc. won’t give you more than just a false sense of achievement – you need to work on your social media profile one follower at a time.

You need to offer quality. If you run a blog, you need to offer authoritative blog posts – those that “turn heads”; if you run a web business offering services, you need to offer quality, as there are 1000s of others doing the same thing what you do.

This blog post can go on and on, but you get the idea…

Now, do you want $1000/month and quit your day job in 30 days or less? The best thing you should do is “take action” – because saying “I’ll do it tomorrow,” “this is hard” or “you are a liar” won’t get you anywhere.

It takes hard work, but if you channel your energy on the right things, listening to the right people, $1000/month online is very much possible!

photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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  • Sian Phillips
    Posted at 5:01 am January 4, 2013
    Sian Phillips

    Wow Ivan, you make it sound quite simple. Seeing as I’m writing half of the week I need to look at what I’m doing to earn more I think. Thanks for sharing on

  • D. Dixon
    Posted at 8:13 am January 4, 2013
    D. Dixon

    This is a totally reasonable goal that I’m taking on this year so I totally identify with this post. Thanks for writing it!