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How to Leverage your Online Efforts to Produce Better Results

2nd February 2016

It’s important to have clear goals and objectives when you enter the online marketing arena. To achieve these goals and objective you have to leverage all of your online efforts, so that you have an effective system for generating leads, customers and sales. However, many businesses don’t do this. They create a website, some social media pages and publish some content. However, they don’t use their online assets to their full potential.

Making some simple changes can dramatically transform your online fortunes and marketing results. These are some of the most effective ways to leverage your online efforts to produce better results in the future.

Build a Subscriber List

An email subscriber list is one of the most important assets in any online business. This gives you direct access to customers and potential customers. You can keep them informed about your business, offer advice and promote your products and services to them.

However, many online businesses don’t create or develop any kind of subscribers list. This is a missed opportunity. Every time you add a new subscriber to your list, you’re adding someone who may be interested in your products and services at some stage, which makes them potential customers.

All of your online efforts should focus on eventually converting your social media audience and website visitors into email subscribers. The most effective way to do this is to add opt-in boxes to as much of your content as possible. This approach makes your content work for you because people will be more likely to join your subscriber list after reading the valuable content you have provided.

Create Content in Multiple Formats

Once you have created valuable content, it’s vital to distribute it and share it with as many people as possible. Publishing this content in different formats opens up new marketing channels you may not have considered. Many content marketing experts like John Lemp understand the value of high quality content in different formats and it is often the driving force behind many successful online marketing campaigns. The most popular formats include text, audio, images and video.

Once you have created your content in a wide range of formats, you can distribute it on many more different online platforms. For example, if you have content in a text document, you could also create an audio version. This audio version could then be uploaded to podcasting sites that give your content a huge amount of exposure. Creating content in different formats also increases your business’ visibility online. If people see your content multiple times, they will be willing to trust what you have to say and recommend you and your business to others.

Optimizing your Social Media Activities

For many people, social media is something they don’t take very seriously. However, social media websites are the perfect places to amplify your marketing messages and content. To do this properly you have to produce high quality content, people will value.

Using Instagram

If you can achieve this, social media users will give your content a vote of confidence by sharing it with others. This can have a snowball effect and lead to amazing online marketing results. Every time you get an opportunity, publish high quality content. Once you do this ask your audience to share this content with people they know will find it useful.

Integrate Existing Online Activities with Mobile Technologies

Mobile marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. The huge number of people using mobile devices means it can’t be ignored anymore. There are many ways you can integrate and transfer existing online activities and content to the mobile world.

First, make sure all of your websites and online assets are compatible with the most common mobile devices. This makes it easier for online visitors to view your content and take the actions you want them to take.

Mobile apps are extremely popular with mobile users. Many businesses are transferring much of their content and systems to the mobile world by developing apps that include this content and these systems. This means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to reach a mobile audience.

When you work online, it’s important to work smarter rather than working harder. Many businesses already have the resources they need to succeed online. These resources can be leveraged to reach much bigger audiences of customers and potential customers. Putting a solid plan in place to do this has the potential to save you many hours of wasted effort and produce much better online marketing results in the future.

Ivan Widjaya is the owner of, as well as the founder of several online businesses:, and He runs his business from anywhere, anytime he wants.

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