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7 Productivity Tricks Every Internet Entrepreneur Must Master

28th February 2013

The greatest advantage of doing internet marketing business is that you have plenty of free time ahead of you. You can work in any way you want, any time you want. You can work in your pajama on the weekend at midnight. That’s up to you. But, with this great advantage, comes a great disadvantage. If you can’t control your will power, you will soon lose the power to concentrate. As a result, you will tend to succumb into distractions and lose your productivity. Then, you’ll wonder why you don’t have any income coming to you at all. That’s the problem.

To counter the problem, you have to make some efforts to double your productivity. Here are 7 tricks to double your productivity in your business, which will help you to make more money online:

1. Organize Your Workplace

Whenever you work from, whether you’re working from your bedroom or home office, you have to organize your workplace to minimize the stress in doing your business. Yes, a good workplace organization is proven to reduce your stress level and increase your productivity at the same time.

2. Eliminate Clutter

Clutters, whether they’re in your computer or office desk need to be eliminated because they tend to distract you and sap your attention away from the work that you’re supposed to do. Thus, it is important for you to keep your clutters at a minimum level to give the peaceful effect in your mind.

3. Have An Enthusiastic Attitude

Enthusiastic attitude is very important to keep your body move in the direction that you’re intended to go. By cultivating your enthusiasm each and every day, you can have the sufficient will power to finish the tasks that need to be finished each day.

4. Be Positive

If you’re on the positive mindset like “today is my best day”, you will tend to perform your tasks more effectively. By giving positive power into what you’re doing, your business will grow positively. If you start your day with negative mindset, you’ll tend to go through the day feeling depressed. Moreover, it will affect your productivity in a negative way.

5. Expect For The Best

It is better for you to expect for the best rather than expect for the worst. Why? That’s because by expecting for the best, you are giving yourself hope. And hope is a strong motivator that will lead you into action. So, rather than thinking that you’ll screw everything up, it is better for you to think that everything will go according to your plan.

6. Plan Your Goal Step By Step

It is difficult for you to work on something without a clear and proper plan in place. Without a plan, it’s like driving an unknown place without a GPS. You’ll tend to lose your track in the middle of your way. Then, you’ll stop driving. You’ll feel confused with many ways ahead of you and you can’t make a decision on which way to choose. So, plan your goal as clearly as possible, step by step.

7. Schedule Regular Breaks To Recharge Your Energy

You cannot work all day long. In fact, it will be bad for your body and mind, and it will eventually shatter your productivity. That’s why you have to schedule regular breaks to recharge your energy. You can take a 10-minute break for every hour of work. It will help your body to recharge your energy necessary for continuing your task.

Follow the 7 tricks above and you’ll be able to double your productivity in your internet marketing business.

About the Author: Karan Goel is the founder & editor of MashGeek. He likes tech that improves digital living in some way. He is currently in Seattle, WA, USA.

Photo credit: Andy Ciordia via photopin cc

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