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5 Marketing Tools That Will Drive Traffic To Your Blog Like Crazy

18th March 2013

Blogging has gradually captured the attention of individuals because of its effectiveness to drive action among the masses. It gives you a platform to interact or share your views about anything; and everything that exists in the universe. However, a blog that doesn’t have adequate number of followers is nothing but a waste of time.

The total time spent in writing quality articles for your blog is of no use if you overlook the significance of driving traffic towards it. It is equally important as it is to buy twitter followers. Blogging also provides you an opportunity to make money through simple marketing and advertisement tactics. But the most important task other than writing distinctive quality content is to get traffic to your blog, which is detailed below:

1. Make the best use of article directories

Article marketing is simplified by adding your posts to some of the popular article directories such as Ezine on the internet. You can easily add a link that will direct the reader to your blog to raise the traffic in a comprehensive manner. The level of effort required to be put in this task is equally comparable to the complicated task on how to get more followers on twitter.

2. Raise your social quotient

Social networking is a necessary evil. Twitter and Facebook has more than 30% of the total world population. Due to this perplexing facet of social networking, it becomes very difficult to disregard its significance. To attract traffic to your blog, make sure that you share every blog post as soon as it is created. Keep your friends or followers updated about all the latest events. At the same time, try to avoid boring Facebook or twitter status updates.Talking too much about yourself can severely turn off your prospective followers. Instead, don’t hesitate to participate in other people’s related content and share it. You will not be surprised when they respond in the same manner by sharing your posts, which will also assist you to buy twitter followers in a better way.

3. RSS Feed is a blessing in-disguise

RSS Feeds allow you to share the content via email to pull new readers and also to instigate the previous readers to visit the blog all over again. It is very much similar to the baffling task of how to get more followers on twitter.

4. Create back links

Back-linking considerably improves your ranking in search engine results on Google. And it is very easy to fathom that how much beneficial it will be for your blog to appear in the top search results for the appropriate keywords.

5. Every action has an equal reaction

It is highly recommended that you follow other blogs of the similar category. Don’t hesitate to compliment even if you found their content irrelevant or boring. It will help you get noticed among the various bloggers, which will automatically add traffic to your blog. This is analogous to the social media concept to get more followers on twitter. However, don’t over-comment or over-analyse their articles. Simple and precise comments are always appreciated. Also, keep yourself limited to only a fixed number of popular blogs.

About the Author: Roman Sahakov is the CEO of Frozzo.The company provides Social Media Marketing services and creates strategies for its customers to get more followers on twitter. The team members enjoy working at Frozzo.

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