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4 WordPress Plugins that Can Recover Your Site from Google Panda Slap

14th September 2012

Recovering from Google Panda updates slap is still a fairy tale to many. Reportedly there are less than 15 percent of websites hit by Google Panda updates that are able to fully recover. No matter what, as a good webpreneur, you should not give up easily – 15 percent is more than enough to get your websites on track.

If your website runs on WordPress CMS, then you might want to consider installing these 4 WordPress plugins:

1. Post Admin Word Count

Google Panda updates are known to punish sites with low quality content. One of the indicators whether a piece of content is low in quality or not is the word counts (of course, back links matter, like usual…) Most probably, your 100-word posts are hurting your entire site – so you might want to trash those kinds of posts.

Well, you could rewrite your popular short posts to make the Google-worthy, but if you have 1000s of such post without an editorial team to take care of it, you might very well remove them altogether.

Okay – if you have decided that you are going to remove short posts, you need to find a way to do so. While going to PHPMyAdmin and make changes via SQL command is common to techies, but it’s not ideal for the rest of us. The best way is for you to use a WP plugin.

Enter Post Admin Word Count plugin; this simple but powerful plugin released by Jon Bishop does one thing at its best: Adding a new column in “All Posts” list from your WP admin panel’s sidebar. Other than the regulars, you can now see the word counts of your posts. You can sort your posts by word counts and remove your desired content. It’s that simple.

2. Ad Injection

One of many indicators of website quality according to Google is the number of ads displayed on your site, especially above the fold. Too many ads displayed near the top of your page could have your site penalized by Google. You might want to push your ads downward.

Spoiler: No worries – in my case, your ads down under, when placed strategically, can have better clickthrough rates!

One of things you can do to compromise this is by moving your ad in-content or on footer. You can do that easily using a plugin. I recommend you to use Ad Injection plugin.

Using the plugin, you can place your ads almost anywhere you want – after a certain number of paragraphs; only displayed on posts with 500 words or more, etc.

3. Broken Link Checker

Okay – you can always doing this via Google Webmaster Tools, but if your web server has plenty of resources (this plugin eats up quite plenty of resources,) Broken Link Checker is a good plugin to add in your arsenal.

Why you should remove broken links? It’s simple. If you have too many internal broken links, you can hurt your ranking (other websites linking to your non existent page won’t matter, though…) All you can do is just running the checker and do the necessary changes. That’s all!

4. WP Super Cache

WordPress use plenty of database access for pages, posts and plugins. Especially when your pages and posts have grown in numbers, you need to cache them – or else, they slow down your page load time (yet another thing measured by Google that will impact your ranking.)

Caching lets your visitors served with pages that are preloaded and stored in your web server. This way, WordPress doesn’t need to access the database back and forth and putting too much burden to your web servers (many web hosting providers will suspend you for excessive CPU load!)

To start caching your pages, download the WP Super Cache plugin, activate it, and set things out properly (here’s one of good WP Super Cache setting recommendations.)

So – there you go – 4 WP plugins you should install on your WP-powered website. Please bear in mind, there are so many other WP plugins that can help you recover from Google Panda updates hit. Please search the web for more recommendations.

How about you? What WP plugins are you using to help you recover from Google Panda?

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