How to Market Your Blog Posts Without a Lot of Effort

How to Market Your Blog Posts Without a Lot of Effort

As you are a busy individual, you may not have time to investigate on methods to market your blog. Lack of time is usually why some bloggers will pay a 3rd party to market the content for them. However, there are ways you can market the blog yourself without spending a great deal of money or time delving too far into time-consuming campaigns.

1. Blog Carnivals - You’re already writing, so you might as well start with blog carnivals. Essentially, you write a blog post for someone who is hosting a carnival and submit it to them with your blog’s link. If the host feels your content fits the theme, it gets posted along side of others in the carnival. Visitors can read your content and visit the link you provided to see what other posts you have to offer.

2. Facebook - In just a matter of a few minutes, you can create a Facebook profile and link your blog to it. This is a great way to market the blog to those who spend a great deal of time on Facebook. You can quickly add a post to your profile for all to read, which could result in more visitors to your site.

3. Twitter - This social media hub can create awareness for your blog in profound ways. Millions of users utilize twitter on a regular basis, and simply adding your link with a line of text can bring followers you didn’t know you could get. It doesn’t take much to create a twitter account and only takes a minute or two to create a post.

4. Yahoo Q&A - Answering questions on Yahoo’s Questions and Answers not only gives you a chance to shamelessly plug your blog’s website address, but can also show how knowledgeable you are by answering someone’s question. For just a few minutes of your day, you can help yourself by helping others.

5. Google+ - Along the same lines as Facebook, Google+ is a social networking site that you can add your blog to. It’s free to set up and you can have access to all of the business tools Google has to offer. Although some of these tools cost a bit of money to use, it is still a worthwhile investment of your time as Google+ is used quite regularly by many.

6. RedGage - By adding posts to, you are able to monetize and make a few dollars while linking back to your blog. Some of the people posting content to RedGage have made a couple thousand dollars from simply having content. Post as often as you’d like to promote your content and your blog’s site.

7. Squidoo - Another great location for promoting your content is at Here, you can post a menagerie of content linking back to your blog site. It is an easy way to create awareness for your blog and share with the Squidoo community.

Maintaining a blog should be one of the most easiest methods of getting information out to all who wish to read it. You can have great success by keeping your marketing as simple as possible, and using some of the less time-consuming methods can keep you doing what you would rather be doing. Writing your blog posts.

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  1. Hi Sara. Thanks for your ideas. Indeed, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and now, Google+ are very helpful in terms of marketing blog posts sans too much effort. Thanks also for including RedGage–I still have yet to explore that.

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